Artificial Sugars

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Jul 3rd, 2010
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Aspartame, Equal and Splenda are artificial sweeteners with no calories. They can be placed in foods such as yogurt, confectionaries, meal replacements, juices, ice-creams, chewing gum, breath mints, jams, biscuits, cereals and calorie reduced foods, as well as being in their own ready to go package to place in your coffee.

Although I personally believe the foods above, and the majority of foods artificial sugars are in, should be avoided in our diets, these foods are still being consumed by a lot of people on a regular basis.

Anything that is not natural and is made in a lab should be avoided. Artificial sugars are made up of table sugar and modified with chemicals such as chlorine and phosgene gas. Any toxin that enters the body is going to do damage, and the more toxins the body gets the more your health will decline, so for better health we need to reduce the amounts of stressors such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours and flavours, smoking, alcohol, stress, chlorine and processed foods, and increase the body’s ability to regenerate at the cellular level.

Our lifestyles present us with enough stressors that we have to deal with very single day that we simply can’t control, such as breathing in fumes when filling up your car with petrol. Anything that we can control, such as diet, should be of the upmost importance, especially with the rate of diseases skyrocketing each year, it’s obvious that things need to change with our nutrition to keep our cells as healthy as possible.

If you are looking for a no calorie sweetener, look out for Stevia which is easily found at the majority of health food stores. Stevia is the leaf of a plant which is up to 300 times sweeter than table sugar and has been around for hundreds of years, not only being used as a sweetener, but also for medicinal use for aiding digestion and helping wound healing.

Stevia is beginning to make its way into many food products, and hopefully it will be a sweetener which will over-take artificial sugars all together.

Although Stevia isn’t suitable for cooking, it’s a healthy alternative to any artificial or processed sugar on the market for tea’s, coffee’s, sauces, etc. When buying Stevia make sure to find the safest and purest Stevia you can (95% rebaudioside crystals), this will ensure a good sweetened taste.

At the end of the day, it’s our personal choice whether we do something which either helps or hurts our health. And when it comes to the kids; more artificial sweeteners, soft drinks and lollies = more ADD, uncontrollable behavior and more prescribed medicines.

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  1. David says:

    Stevia is a decent alternative, and as you said has been used for 500 years in South America, but your readers should know that it lowers testosterone production.

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