Being Paleo and Pregnant

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Jan 4th, 2012
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Many expectant mothers have questions about whether or not it’s safe or beneficial to maintain a Paleo lifestyle while they’re pregnant with their little one. The answer is yes, eating a paleo or “caveman” diet, is perfectly healthy, and often optimal while pregnant.

When you’re eating like a paleolithic ancestor, you’re ideally eating a diet that is full of nutrients, high in healthy fats and full of protein. All of these things are great for your thriving baby, and they help your baby to form the building blocks of a healthy body, while you’re also reaping the benefits of your Paleo lifestyle. Generally, pregnant mothers have reported enjoying a paleo lifestyle while pregnant can help you to overcome symptoms of fatigue, get more sleep, suffer from less nausea, and regain your pre-baby body.

The paleo diet encourages the consumption of foods that are free of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, as well as foods that are free-range, organic, grass-fed and wild. Limiting of exposure to harmful substances in your food will mean that your little one won’t have to suffer the exposure either.

Since the paleo diet means no grains, excess sugar and gluten, by staying paleo during your pregnancy you can also avoid gaining too much weight. The paleolithic diet is also very safe for you and baby during pregnancy, with foods such as wild salmon being a great way to help in your baby’s brain development even before he or she is born. By avoiding carbohydrates, sugar and processed food, you’re also lowering your risk of gestational diabetes and helping to stabilize your glucose levels, which is very important during pregnancy.

Eating a diet with a proper balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats, which is a key component of the paleo diet is a great way to provide your baby with the necessary DHA needed for proper development. Generally a paleo diet is also higher than normal diets in folate. Folate is very important during pregnancy, to prevent birth defects including spina bifida and neural tube defects. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of folate, and since these are a cornerstone of the Paleo diet, following a paleo lifestyle is an easy way to make sure your developing baby is getting the amount of folate he or she needs.

While pregnant, eggs are a good food to include in your diet, as they aid in the brain development of your baby. A good source of calcium while paleo and pregnant is leafy green vegetables, as well as almonds, and by eliminating grains from your diet, you’re allowing your body to better absorb the calcium and other nutrients found in these foods.

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