Convince Your Kids to Eat Like Cavemen

By Paleo
In Paleo 101
Jul 23rd, 2012

ou may have already made the decision that a paleo lifestyle is best for your health, but what about the health of your children? Children can already cause huge problems at meal time, because they tend to be pickier eaters than adults, and more often than not children are going to choose to eat things that are packaged, processed and full of sugar.

When we’re fighting what can be an uphill battle with our children to eat healthy, and more specifically paleo, it become frustrating, and all too easy to just give in and make a quick macaroni and cheese dinner from a box. While this may be the easy route, what’s going to contribute to the overall health of your entire family is eating a wholesome, paleo diet, full of whole foods. While it may not always be easy to get your kids eating lean meats and lots of veggies, there are some tips you can follow as a parent, to get your little ones on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

  • One of the best things you can do to not only help your children but also yourself eat a paleo diet is to remove the temptations from your home. The brightly colored packages of those processed snacks sitting in the pantry are likely to lure in not only your little one, but maybe you too, when you’re feeling like cheating. If the non-paleo foods aren’t in the house, it’s much less likely that anyone in your family will be consuming those foods.

  • Find recipes that are going to please the taste buds of the entire family. There are so many delicious paleo recipes that will add variety and flavor to your family’s food routine. There’s no reason to think a paleo diet only consists of a chunk of meat and a pile of plan vegetables. Paleo cookbooks are a great resource for families, because there are so many options for great paleo recipes that can please even the pickiest of eaters. Your little one might not enjoy every paleo recipe, just as he or she might not enjoy every non-paleo food, but experimenting to find the recipes that work for your family is important to paleo diet success.

  • Include treats in your child’s diet, but just make sure they’re paleo treats. Just because your family has gone paleo doesn’t mean that baked goods, desserts or salty snacks are eliminated. There are lots of paleo-friendly treat options, and most likely your child won’t even know the difference.

  • Make mealtime fun. A good example of a fun paleo meal for kids would be having breakfast for dinner. Many children love the idea of having breakfast for dinner, and breakfast is full of delicious paleo-friendly meal options.

  • Let your child choose between the foods he or she wants to eat, but only let them choose between paleo options. If you keep your home full of lots of paleo food options your child will feel like they have control over the foods they’re eating, but if they’re only selecting from paleo foods they’re going to be making a healthy choice regardless.

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