Eggs For Good Health

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Nov 17th, 2010


Eggs are an extremely healthy food source, not only do they contain quality protein but they also consist of essential vitamins, minerals and good fats. However, eggs still managed to get bad publicity and not because they are harmful to our health, but because of a misconception within the medical industry.

Cholesterol is what it’s all about and only recently has research begun to debunk the myth that cholesterol in food causes high cholesterol in our bloodstream. Initially, researchers found plaque with cholesterol deposits inside the arteries of people who had died of a heart attack and from that came to the conclusion that cholesterol itself was the cause.

Ever since that “well researched” conclusion regarding cholesterol in foods, particularly in eggs, many people have avoided eating eggs for the risk of increasing the chances of having a heart attack. However amongst those people and more, it was forgotten that cholesterol is actually a vital component of the human body and essential for good health.

Cholesterol is needed within every cell of our body and is use as a base to create steroid hormones such as estrogen, cortisol, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). All of these hormones are essential components of the human body and shutting down healthy levels of any one of those hormones above will result in numerous health problems.

Eggs don’t contain much cholesterol in the first place and it’s actually our bodies which create around 50% of all cholesterol because it’s hard to obtain enough through dietary sources.

In addition, there is no research which shows a high consumption of eggs to harm heart health, in-fact the opposite is the case; in a 1999 study, research concluded that people who ate six or more eggs a week had a lowest risk of heart attack than people who ate one (or none) egg a week.

Eggs are also high in folate; a nutrient discovered as being essential for women’s health and a nutrient women supposedly don’t get enough of. This is the main reasons many grain products (especially cereals and breads) are now fortified with synthetic folate which is called folic-acid.

Zinc is also rich in eggs, a vitamin said to be deficient in around 70% of the American population. Zinc deficiencies can cause many common health problems including; poor wound healing, hair loss, acne, missed menstrual cycles, reduced libido, night blindness and mood disorders.

Other nutrients for the body found in eggs include choline and omega3 fatty acids; components both essential for our cell membranes, nerve cells, muscles and brain tissue.

Eggs are a very common food allergen and people who are allergic should stay clear of eating them. But apart from that, eggs should be consumed on a regular basis, preferably organic and omega3 rich to ensure a high nutrient intake which will help maintain a healthy, well-balanced eating plan.

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