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Dec 31st, 2010

‘Going paleo’ is becoming an increasingly popular phrase, but what does it mean and why are so many people doing it?

The word paleo comes from paleolithic, which refers to the paleolithic era, a prehistoric era distinguished by the development of the first stone tools and extending to the introduction of agriculture. During this period man was a hunter-gatherer, which is why you may also hear the paleo / paleolithic diet referred to as the hunter-gatherer diet or indeed the caveman diet.

During the Paleolithic era man lived on a diet of meat and vegetables; approximately 65% lean meats (high protein) and 35% vegetables, which provided adequate vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Of course there wasn’t Coca Cola so man naturally consumed water.

The paleo diet is a modern adaptation of the diet humans consumed for approximately 10,000 years, a diet that rapidly changed for the worse with the agricultural revolution. The basic premise of the paleo diet is the avoidance of processed foods and foods laden with preservative and chemicals. The reason for this is that we simply weren’t designed to eat such foods.

The diet avoids dairy, gluten and legumes, three categories of food wreaking havoc with the human body in the modern day. Paleo also avoids foods containing processed sugar and foods with added salt content.

Sounds like there’s nothing left to eat, right? Think again. What is left comprises a plethora of fantastic organic meats and vegetables and even natural-based desserts to tickle your tastes buds – it merely requires some easy planning.

But why go paleo anyway? Quite simply because the body reacts best to foods it is biologically designed to eat. For example, we aren’t supposed to eat meat from cows that have been pumped full of steroids and antibiotics and been feed on grain. No, instead cows are supposed to graze naturally on grass – thus the paleo diet encourages only grass fed beef. Similarly, wild line caught salmon, rather than the dyed farm type you are presented with in most supermarkets, is far healthier for the human body. The medical industry is taking stock of the paleo diet in a big way, largely because paleo living eradicates the need for yoyo dieting and has been shown to eliminate modern day ailments and aches and pains without the need for medication.

By simply eating a balanced natural diet, the body will ensure a sustainable weight, yet feed the body large amounts of High GI grains, dairy, sugars and processed foods, and your waistline will expand and internal organs will struggle to stay healthy.

Those undertaking a paleo diet have reported exponential benefits, including:

– Sustainable weight loss

– Better skin

– A leaner more muscular appearance

– Improved sleep

– Stronger immune system

– Increased energy

– Higher sex drive

If you want to enjoy a healthier and longer life then the paleo revolution comes highly recommended, and if you are worried about what you might eat then check out the Paleo Cookbooks.

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