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Jun 25th, 2012

Herbs and spices are a vital part of any paleo diet. Fresh herbs make a great addition to so many paleo recipes, and they can add variety and different flavors to all meats and vegetables. Fresh herbs are not only great for cooking paleo recipes, but they’re also aromatic. In fact, the smell of a delicious bunch of fresh herbs can make a kitchen seem more cozy or lift your spirits.

Fresh herbs purchased in a supermarket can get pricey, and they are usually only sold in small quantities, so growing your own herb garden is a great option for any paleo follower. Herb gardens are versatile and can be easily grown indoors, which is ideal if you’re short on space or live in an apartment.

If you have a window or sunny spot in your kitchen or anywhere in your home, this is an ideal place for planting your herbs. The ideal spot would be one with at least six hours of sunlight a day, that doesn’t get too hot in the afternoons, because this could cause the plants to burn. If you’re using this method to grow your herbs, all you’ll need are pots, seeds, soil and water.

If you don’t have a spot like this in your home, another option is a hydroponic kit. This system for growing herbs utilizes a soilless system, water and lights to grow the plants.

If you’re opting to use a transplant method instead of seeds to start your garden, be sure you inspect the plants before you purchase them, and ensure there are no brown spots or insect damage.

The following are a few helpful tips to growing a great herb garden in your home, that will add pizazz to all your paleo recipes:


  • Water plants regularly and be sure they are allowed to drain properly after each watering. If old water is left in pots it can cause the roots to rot.
  • Turn plant pots to ensure even growth all the way around the plant.
  • Wait for plants to at least be 6 to 8 inches tall before you remove any of the leaves. Only take about ¼ of the plant at a time.
  • After you’ve removed leaves from your plant, wait for at least those many leaves, or more to grow back before you harvest again.
  • Give your plants ample room to grow.
  • If you’re a beginner, some of the easiest herbs to grow include basil, chives, dill and fennel.

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