Low Fat is Not a Recipe for Success

By Paleo
In Paleo Tips
Aug 2nd, 2012

Many of us have struggled with weight loss issues at some point in our lives—whether we needed to lose that last five pounds or 100 pounds, weight loss struggles are something that affects most people. The immediate answer that many people turn to when they need to lose pounds is likely a “low fat” diet, where you’re purchasing low calorie salad dressings, packaged granola bars promising to give you energy, chocolaty canned weight loss shakes, and the list goes on. While attempting to eat a low fat diet may help you lose weight in the short term, it’s very likely that you haven’t seen long-term results from this type of crash diet.

The supermarket is full of processed products that are sold as if they are food, when in actuality they are chemicals packaged and sold as low fat or healthy. Low fat does not mean healthy, and in fact, in many cases, it means just the opposite. When you’re eating a low fat diet, you’re not fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its most healthy. A low fat diet relies on processed, packaged foods, with little or no nutritional value. The paleo diet may be high in fat, but it’s high in healthy fats that come from whole foods, that your body was designed to consume to function at peak levels.

If you have found some success in the past by relying on a low fat diet, it’s likely that in the process you felt hungry, dissatisfied or irritable. This is because you aren’t fueling your body the way it needs to be fueled, and you’re wreaking havoc on your insulin system by feeding it these fake foods. These foods aren’t packed with natural vitamins and nutrients, so even though you may feel like you’re eating plenty, you’re actually just consuming empty calories that leave you feeling hungry a short time later. When you’re consuming these processed low fat foods you’re also causing to blood sugar to rise and fall rapidly, which leaves you feeling grumpy and unhappy. With a paleo diet you’re not counting calories or checking labels, nor are you eating empty, unsatisfying foods. What you’re eating on the paleo diet are real foods that leave your body not only energized but also satisfied. You are eating what nature intended for you to eat, so you don’t have to count your calories or measure every morsel of food you eat, which gives you a sense of freedom that doesn’t come from eating a low fat diet.

If you’ve ever lost weight by following a low fat diet, you probably also noticed that in addition to being miserable, you gained the weight back that you lost, and in some cases maybe even some extra pounds. This is because a low fat diet is not sustainable over a lifetime. It’s not realistic to restrict yourself to a set number of calories and grams of fat, and you’re likely to cheat or give up completely when you’re limiting yourself so strictly. With a paleo diet it’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about making wholesome, healthy choices, and this makes the paleo diet something that can become part of your lifestyle, rather than something you torture yourself with for a few months and then give up and start the cycle over again a few months later. Once you’ve followed the paleo diet for just a few weeks, rather than feeling unhappy and unhealthy, you’ll feel your best, which will make it an easy adjustment from a diet to a lifestyle.

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