Most Effective Weight Loss Solution? Simply Eat Like a Human!

By Paleo
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Jun 7th, 2012

Diet fads and weight loss plans are perhaps the biggest con of the 21st century.

Food manufacturers sell foods designed to harm the human body through the promotion of obesity, illness, and disease, and then market weight loss/healthy food products such as protein powders, low fat foods and sweetener (instead of sugar) to assist in weight loss plans. This creates a vicious circle whereby a person never achieves sustainable weight loss and a healthy balanced diet.

Yet if we strip down modern day weight loss fads and the foods they promote, we arrive at the very place we need to be in order to achieve natural, sustainable weight loss. If we cut out bread and pasta, fattening dairy products, and avoid taking protein powders and weight loss enhancers, we start to enter natural food territory, which in essence is the paleo diet.

The paleo diet is the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, a diet that focuses on health and well-being through the consumption of foods designed by nature. The paleo diet is not a diet in the modern sense of the term, more a way of life that eliminates the cycle of yoyo dieting and regulates fluctuating weight. If we avoid chemical laden, highly processed foods, and eat natural organic foods, then the need to undertake diet fads becomes obsolete as the body regulates its own weight through a natural balance of diet and exercise.

The paleo food list is pretty straightforward.

Paleo avoids grains, dairy, legumes, and processed foods, concentrating on lean meats and fish for protein and fruits and vegetables for carbohydrates. Beware though, the meat found in most supermarkets is far from lean and has a very high fat content when compared to the meat our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have eaten. It is also unnaturally fed using grain and chicken feed and pumped full of steroids and antibiotics for faster and plumper growth. In addition, the grain-based foods we eat spike insulin levels causing weight gain and digestive problems, bloating, and autoimmune diseases.

The reported benefits of undertaking a paleo diet have been nothing short of incredible. Paleo living promotes increased energy, better sleep, faster recovery and healing, increased sex drive, better skin, sustainable weight loss, and more. But this isn’t surprising considering that everything a paleo follower eats is nutritionally rich and purposely designed for the human body.

Contrary to popular belief, paleo diet recipes are easy to access in the modern day and one doesn’t need to go hunting or picking berries. Sources such as the Paleo Cookbook series that provides hundreds of easy step-by-step meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks on the go, and for those unsure as to whether paleo is for them, the 30 day paleo meal plan trial is usually enough to convince people to never go back to the perpetual cycle of yoyo dieting.

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