Natural Treatment for Gallstones

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Dec 3rd, 2010


When treating any illness, it’s important to find out what the cause/s are first. Many medical doctors decide not too find, or worry about the cause of an illness, but rather just remove the symptoms through medication or surgery. The end result generally leaves the patient free from pain and discomfort, which leads the patient feeling they have been cured or fully treated of their illness, unfortunately that is not always the case, as is the story with gall stones.

It’s important to note that gallstones aren’t something you may get as a symptom of getting older, caused by your genetics, or just one of those things that happens to ‘some’ people. Gallstones can form as a result of a chemical imbalance in the body which makes cholesterol in the bile less soluble and form into stone-like particles. Gallstones can also form as a result of poor gut health, which is overloaded with bad bacteria and parasites.

There are many triggers which can cause the body’s chemical imbalance to occur, and for gut health to become a breeding ground for bad bacteria and parasites, which leads to unhealthy bile, and they are all a direct result of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Poor nutrition, taking medicine/drugs, consuming toxic foods, diet high in sugar, and having poor lifestyle choices (i.e., smoking) all lead to an un-healthy liver.

The health of your liver plays a huge roll in the prevention and treatment of gallstones as both the liver and the gallbladder work together. One of the main functions of the liver is to produce bile which is needed in the digestion of fats. This bile is passed into the gallbladder where it is stored until needed and then is slowly released to break down and digest consumed fats. It’s this bile, which if un-healthy will form into gallstones within the gallbladder.

Un-fortunately for many people, they don’t realise that their dietary and lifestyle choices have been the cause of their gallstones and with doctor’s recommendation will have them surgically removed. This does not address the problem, even though surgery will remove the gallstones the body will still be in an un-healthy state, the bile will be unhealthy, and the chances of gallstone re-forming will most likely occur. Its one thing to have gallstones surgically removed, but another to have your whole gallbladder removed.

Having any organ removed is definitely going to have negative effects on the body’s function; however the gallbladder isn’t an organ that you need to live, unlike your heart. Because of this, gallbladder removal for ‘treatment’ of gallstones is extremely common, but once again, this doesn’t solve the problem; in-fact having your gallbladder removed will leave you in worse health than if you have surgery alone just to remove the stones.

The gallbladder may not be an organ that keeps you alive, but it’s definitely an organ that keeps you healthy. Without a gallbladder your body doesn’t have any way of efficiently digesting fats, as that is the roll of the gallbladder. Although it’s the liver that produces the bile, it’s the gallbladder which slowly releases bile when needed for digestion. The tube which doctors use to replace the gallbladder does not hold and release bile in the way a gall bladder naturally would. As a result, practically every person who has had their gallbladder removed is un-able to eat high-fat meals, and as fat is an extremely important macronutrient for our bodies to stay healthy, it’s a sure sign that there will be other health issues that come into play later in life because of their deficiencies within the body.

The other issue that occurs with gallbladder removal is that this does not treat gallstones; it only removes them and their symptoms. The same problem comes into play as with having gallstone surgery, the body will still be in an un-healthy state if dietary and lifestyle choices remain the same. Just because the body may not have a gallbladder, that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of the body ever forming more gallstones, because the gallbladder isn’t the problem, diet and lifestyle is.

Gallstones can form within the tube that acts as a replacement for the gallbladder after it has been removed, which makes it even harder to try and naturally remove them and avoid further surgery.

There are many books and many articles on the natural treatment of gallstones which will allow the stones to pass through the body as would a stool. The natural treatment of gallstones has also had much success with those who have tried it. However, it is always important to consult a medical professional prior to attempting a natural detox for removing gallstones as other health issues could come into play which may mean that the detox could be more harmful to you than good.

A good example of this is if you don’t have a gallbladder, but have gallstones trapped in the tube. Many of the detox recipes include a high content of fat, such as olive oil. If the body doesn’t have a gallbladder fat is not going to be accepted well, it could lead to projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhea and will not assist in the natural removal of gallstones. However, if the gallbladder hasn’t been removed, the body will still be able to process the fats and will help in lubricating the gallstones so they flow out of the gallbladder and eventually being eliminated via a stool.

There are many sites and books out there with recipes which can be tried for a natural approach to removing gallstones, one site which I’m familiar with is

5 Responses to “Natural Treatment for Gallstones”

  1. Alan says:

    My gallbladder was removed almost 20 years ago and since changing to a strictly Paleo WOE about 3 years ago I have had no problems eating vast amounts of fat. I eat spoons-full of coconut oil daily, regularly drink heavy cream by the liter and eat lots of fatty meat with out problems. I have never vomited and only once experienced steatorrhoea when gorging on fat to find my limits. Even that wasn’t really a problem and passed quickly. Thanks for the excellent articles.

  2. Mr. diet says:

    Nice info! The gallbladder surgery shall be really the last thing suggested for the treatment of gallstones. Some remedies and diets can really help.

  3. Emma says:

    You would have to have a good diet all of your life to prevent health issues like gall stones. A nurse in the hospital said that all her family had to have gall bladder removed + it runs in family on fathers side. Her brother had to have it done when he was 4 years old. Sometimes once you get them its too late for diet + nataural medicine. I didn’t know I had them, I just had an upset tummy in the morning after having my first child. It got worse over time then when he was 2years old I had bad bouts of diareah. went for tests in hospital, found gall stones. I only got the bad pain a week after got diagnosed. Got taken into hospital with pain, blood test + CT scan or MRI scan show up common bile duct was blocked. I had jaundice, liver enzymes were up on blood test, I could not eat or drink water for 3 days, had to go on drip to stay alive. If I ate I felt so sick had to take anti nausea drugs + they didnt work so could not eat or drink. It is life threatening if common bile duct gets blocked had to have emergency ERCP. to do ERCP had to transfer to a hospital by ambulance 2hour drive away. nearly died. Then 2 weeks after had to remove my gall bladder because still had severe pain only morphene would get rid of. Also gall bladder was inflamed + diseased. Once you get that ill it is too late. I went from 9stone weight to 7 half stone in 6 months. was very ill. Did not want to remove gall bladder, had to. The question we need to ask is. In Ireland it is 1 in 7 getting so ill they need gall bladder removed, and the doctor wont remove it unless you are realy ill, cos my family doctor has had gall stones from 2001 to now 2013 and they do not bother him so he hasnt had operation. Also why are they so common. Also what kind of a diet has the supermarkets and food suppliers had us on since we were able to eat food, that is making people so ill????????????????

  4. Emma says:

    oh yes, forgot to say, and when I found out I had gall stones could not believe how many people told me either they had gall bladder out or someone that they were related to or knew had it out. even the nurse on the ward had it done by same surgeon as me. Also when I was being put out in the operation the nurse holding my hand said dont worry I have had it done you will be ok. Most of the patients in the hospital said they knew someone or they themselves had it done. Also 2 of my partners workmates wives had it done. They lady who lives up the road had it done 20 years ago and she is not old. Cant believe there is so many people. Also got told that local man who sells spanish food like olives on the farmers market in town who is a vegan and eats mostly raw and vegan foods had to have operation, him and his partner have been doing natural liver flushes for years to remove gall stones and it just got too bad!! I realy hope that for people who catch the gall stones early there is a way to get rid of them naturaly. It was tooo late for me. Just hope that I will be ok after having gall bladder removed. I still don’t know what causes them, Been told it is too much animal fat. Also that we may have bad digestion and not absorbing minerals like calcium, magnesium, or could be that I have taken natural vitamins for the last ten years minerals build up in body. Also been said that too many toxins in diet build up and can cause gall + kidney stones etc… Also been said that not enough vitamin D from sun not getting rid of things or breaking down calcium. So confused

  5. Emma says:

    oh ya another reason that is given is that when a woman is pregnant the function of the gall bladder changes so may form stones. a nurse said to me that loads of women have to come in like 5 weeks after giving birth for gall bladder removed. Just dunno will have to look into it more. Would like to know if there are any hunter gatherer populations that never get gall stones + what is in the diet that makes us get them

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