Not All Eggs Are Created Equal

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Jun 12th, 2012

Eggs are undoubtedly paleo friendly. They are high in protein, rich in anti-oxidants, iron, zinc, calcium, and folate, and should form a part of recipes which make up a healthy diet.

However, up until a few years ago the yolk of the egg had a bad reputation. Each egg yolk contains around 5g of fat (the white contains zero fat), and people thought the yolk was therefore high in “bad cholesterol”. This is a myth. Research has shown that eggs pose no problem to those eating a diet low in saturated fats.

So the good news is, you can have a couple of eggs a day without any worries. The bad news is that not all eggs are created equally, and not ethically, either, for that matter.

Knowing your eggs…

1. Free-Range Eggs
Free-range eggs are considered ethical because the hens are allowed to roam outside during the day. However, it should be noted that they still roost in sheds, which may often involve a controlled process.

2. Cage Eggs
Avoid this type of egg at all costs. These hens are confined to cages within sheds specifically designed for intense breeding. Unnaturally fed and likely to be full of antibiotics – steer well clear!

3. Barn-Laid Eggs
Honestly, these aren’t much better than Cage-Laid eggs. The Hens have purpose built nests and perches, and can move around the shed, but without natural sunlight and grass to roam, conditions don’t bode well for good egg production or the wellbeing of the hens.

4. Organic Free-Range Eggs
King of the pile, these hens eat an organic diet and are free to roam outside. Healthy and natural, and only available from accredited farms, this is where you should put your money.

5. Natural Grain Eggs
This type of egg is an absolute no-no for paleo followers. Fed mainly on grains, these eggs will turn out about as natural as a human drinking milk.

6. Omega 3 Eggs
Hens are given a feed containing canola, fish oils, linseed and other omega 3 boasting supplements to produce high-level omega 3 eggs. Sounds good, and it is, as long as those hens are organic, free roaming hens and not fed on grain.

7. Vegetarian Eggs
No feed containing meat or fish is fed to these hens, therefore making the eggs they lay suitable for vegetarians.

As a paleo follower you should try to keep it organic and free range where possible.

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