Paleo-Friendly Pots and Pans

By Paleo
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Jun 22nd, 2012

How you equip your kitchen can impact your paleo lifestyle. When you’re attempting to engage in a paleo lifestyle, not just the foods you cook, but how you cook them, and what materials you use can play a big role. If you’re cooking healthy, clean, paleo foods, the benefits of this can be negated if you’re preparing them in toxic cookware. When purchasing cookware for your paleo kitchen, it’s also recommended that you purchase the highest quality that you can afford. How you stock your kitchen is so important to maintaining your paleo lifestyle, so high quality cookware is an investment worth making.

Aluminum cookware has been shown to have potential dangerous side effects. Aluminum exposure can be toxic, and some research has linked exposure to aluminum with Alzheimer’s disease. Another type of cookware that can lead to exposure to toxins is Teflon, or non-stick cookware. Teflon coating can flake off into our food, and it can also release dangerous fumes when heated.

Ceramic cookware can be safe, but only if it’s lead free. There has been research showing that ceramic cookware, particularly from other countries than the United States, can have lead, which is incredibly toxic. When shopping for ceramic cookware, look for those that specifically state they are lead, cadmium and arsenic-free.

Cast iron is a classic and safe way to cook food. Cast iron pots and pans are generally heavy, high quality and free of toxins. Cast iron is best-suited for frying and sautéing meats and vegetables, but you should use caution with acidic foods, such as soups and stews, because the flavor of iron can be leached into your food.

Stainless steel cookware is generally considered safe and nontoxic. It requires the use of more cooking fats to avoid sticking, versus Teflon pans, but since the paleo diet encourages the use of certain oils and fats, this shouldn’t present a problem for followers of the paleo diet.

Copper cookware is often the first choice of restaurant chefs, because it heats quickly. Copper cookware is generally of high quality, and they are often lined with tin, which will ensure that copper will not find its way into your food because of breakdown caused by heat.

Glass cookware is another great paleo option, because glass doesn’t react with the foods being cooked in it. Glass cookware is also easy to work with and versatile, because you can easily move a glass dish from the oven to the refrigerator or freezer.


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