Preparing Fish the Paleo Way

By Paleo
In Cooking Tips
Mar 2nd, 2012

Fish is a tasty and healthy addition to a paleo diet. There are several ways to prepare fish, that are healthy, paleo-friendly and simple, including grilling, poaching, broiling, steaming and sautéing. When cooking fish, it’s important to remember that fish is much more delicate than meat, and also that it can dry out very quickly.

When grilling fish, it only takes a couple of minutes on each side, and you have to watch the fish carefully to ensure it’s not being overcooked. Fish filets that are of an even thickness may not even require being flipped during cooking. They may cook all the way through from being cooked on only one side. Before grilling fish, brush it lightly with olive oil, and place it on the edge of the grill, away from the hottest area. Start checking to see if the fish is done when you see juices appear, and flip it over when light grill marks appear on the filet.

Poaching is a great cooking method for fish, because it helps the fish retain its moisture and it accentuates the delicate flavor of the fish. When poaching, you should ensure you’re using a pan that is big enough to allow that all the filets being cooked are lying flat, and when poaching it can further help the fish retain its moisture and flavor to add a broth made with simmered vegetables and herbs to the cooking pan. When you use a broth in the poaching process, the liquid should just cover the fish, and should be brought to a simmer, and left at that temperature throughout the cooking process. The ideal temperature for poaching fish should be between 165 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit (74 to 82 degrees Celsius).

Broiling is a fast and simple way to prepare fish. Broiling is a great alternative for grilling, and will give your fish a browned appearance. To aid in the cleanup process, line the pan in which you’ll be broiling the fish with foil.

Steaming fish is a gentle way to cook delicate fish, and fish that is steamed generally has a mild flavor. Steamed fish is popular in Asian dishes, in which the fish is paired with sauces and other foods with stronger flavors. When steaming fish, you can first rub it with herbs, spices, ginger, garlic, citrus fruits or peppers, to infuse the fish with flavor. To steam fish, use a bamboo steaming basket or a folding steaming basket, and ensure each piece of fish has enough room to lie flat in the basket. You can begin checking the fish for doneness after about 10 minutes of steaming.

Sautéing fish is a great way to retain moisture, because you’re cooking the fish quickly, over a high heat setting. This is a great cooking method for larger or more delicate pieces of fish.

When cooking fish, what’s important to remember is the use methods of preparation that won’t mask the delicate flavor of a delicious, fresh piece of fish.

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