Traveling and the Paleo Diet

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Aug 1st, 2011

For most people, traveling necessitates a change in usual eating habits. Restaurants, fast food places, theme parks and the like are filled with foods that are considered indulgences and would ordinarily be off limits. But what happens when even the “healthiest” of those options are not part of your ordinary diet and your usual way of eating is vastly different than the majority of other people?

If you live the Paleo diet lifestyle, chances are you’ve encountered this scenario before. However, there’s no reason to avoid traveling or to sacrifice your health in favor of convenience. Here are a few tips to help you out the next time you are on the road.


  1. Take It With You. You might not have any control over where you eat or what is being served. In those instances, avoid going hungry by packing some snacks and shelf-stable foods which fall within the Paleo Diet guidelines.

  3. Do Your Homework. You research hotels and plan out activities before heading out on vacation, so add your dining to that planning. Research restaurants in the area where you’ll be visiting and check out their menus online. Select a handful of options that serve Paleo friendly meals, make reservations ahead of time if possible, and make note of the restaurant’s address and phone number.

  5. Be Prepared For Frustration. When you are traveling with others, be it friends or family, frustration is almost inevitable. However, when you are eating a certain way and your traveling companions are not, frustration is virtually guaranteed. If you can come terms with this ahead of time, it will be that much easier to handle when you are face to face with those feelings.

  7. Consider A Suite. It might be a worthwhile investment to splurge on lodging that offers kitchen facilities so that you can prepare your own Paleo recipes. That way you can retain complete control over your meal offerings and what you put into your body. Sure, cooking every day might detract a little from that vacation feeling, but think of the long term benefits and do what needs to be done for your health and well-being.

  9. Be Vocal. If you will be eating out frequently, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you need to make substitutions or other requests when ordering your meal, let your server know and give as much detail as possible to avoid any misunderstanding. You may even want to consider calling ahead of time to insure that the establishment will be able to work with you. Just remember to be kind and not demanding, or you’ll risk your special order back-firing on you.

Following the Paleo Diet and traveling do not have to be mutually exclusive. Enjoy that health, energy and well-being the Paleo Diet gives you and hit the road.

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