Whole Food Supplementation Part 2

By Paleo
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Apr 19th, 2014


The majority of isolated vitamins out there come in high dosages, high being higher than what we would ever find/consume in nature’s foods. Overloading in one area can lead to the body compensating with an adverse reaction to counter balance the high levels of one vitamin. Our body needs balance/homeostasis. Our bodies were designed to absorb small amounts of a lot of nutrients every day not high doses of one. High doses over long periods of time can be fatal. The body works in balance, consider the following;

  • Too much zinc can antagonise vitamin D. Taking zinc indiscriminately may cause an imbalance in vitamin D. It can also produce a copper and/or iron deficiency as well as cause a sodium to potassium imbalance.
  • Too little vitamin D antagonises calcium, creating poor conditions for calcium absorption.
  • Too much vitamin C can cause a copper deficiency and allow too much iron to build up in the body.
  • Too much calcium can produce phosphorus and magnesium deficiency resulting in the symptoms almost identical to that of a calcium deficiency. A continued loss of magnesium will contribute to increased sodium retention and eventually a vitamin A deficiency.
  • Too much iron taken alone over a period of time can result in anaemia due to iron’s antagonism to copper. Copper is necessary for the utilisation of iron and if deficient can cause excess iron accumulation within tissues, thereby not allowing iron to be incorporated into the haemoglobin molecule.

Not too mention the toxicity that comes along with all of that. Toxicity is when something is consumed and not dealt with properly, whether it’s from a mega-dose and/or something that’s lacking other cofactors that help the body deal with it appropriately. This level of toxicity that can occur obviously will depend on the vitamin/mineral taken, as every company has a different amount, some with a small amount some with a super high amount. We have to look at our body from the angle of what it is and how it came to be. What will work within our bodies safely because our digestive tract, cells etc can recognise it and deal with it appropriately. Putting 1000mg of isolated Vitamin C into the human body is not natural; our bodies can only deal with small amounts of things at any one time, it’s a known fact.

The reason why there is such a thing as a mega-dose is due to consumer demand for a higher guarantee of a particular nutrient entering the body. Consuming 1000mg of Vitamin C will almost guarantee some of it will get into the blood stream. But the negative is that when there is too much of anything in the body, certain organs have to deal with overload and remove it. This will effect the long term function of the kidneys, liver etc… However, consuming 50mg of vitamin C from an orange will work better in your body than consuming any high amount of isolated vitamin C, because of the synergy of many phyto-chemicals (plant nutrients) working together, all 12,455+ of them.

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