Why People Fail on the Paleo Diet [Part 1]

By Paleo
In Paleo 101
Dec 3rd, 2013


The Paleo diet can provide many benefits to one’s health and lifestyle, but it can be a very difficult diet to stick to. There are a number of reasons people fail to stay on the Paleo diet long enough to reap the rewards from this enriching lifestyle. Here are some of the top reasons why people fail on the Paleo diet.

Many people fail to track their data while they are on the diet. The change to one’s diet can be difficult to accept at first, but if you don’t keep track of how the food you’re eating is affecting you, such as your energy levels, and then you might not even notice the difference the diet is having on your body. The Paleo diet is meant to fit the needs of each person, and that can only be done if you figure out what is and isn’t working out for you, and cutting out the latter.

Many people believe that the Paleo diet can cover every essential nutrient and vitamin that the body needs, but that is not the case. Avoiding the need to take multivitamins and supplements can lead to malnutrition and harmful diseases that dietary supplements can prevent. Even the most organic of foods can only do so much for our bodies, making vitamins in pill form necessary to pick up the slack of whatever our bodies are missing.

Physical activity is required to make the best out of the food that is being ingested in the Paleo diet. Humans from the Paleolithic area were much more active, gathering food and protecting each other from deadly predators. These foods target the production of energy for the body to use; by sitting around all day and not getting any exercise, all of that useful energy goes to waste. Instead, it ends up being stored as fat, which hinders the point of being on the Paleo diet in the first place.

There has always been warning that carbohydrates are what make people gain fat, but this isn’t true. Having a low amount of carbs in one’s diet is beneficial, but eliminating it altogether can result in the thyroid gland and adrenals glands malfunctioning, as well as a resistance to insulin. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you’re ingesting is a good way to keep off the unnecessary pounds, but it must be maintained for a long period of time before the results are evident.

Eating processed foods is everything that the Paleo diet is against. The chemicals that go into processed foods make them more palatable, so you actually end up eating a lot more than you need. It’s not only processed foods that are high in fat and sugar that should be avoided. The majority of food outside of the produce section of the supermarket is deemed processed, and should be minimized in the diet as much as possible.

Sticking to the Paleo diet is difficult for most. It means cutting out a lot of your favorite foods that you feel you just can’t do without. However, by sticking with it and taking notes of the changes you’re experiencing, you’re more likely to reap the benefits of this change to your lifestyle.

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