Why People Fail on the Paleo Diet [Part 2]

By Paleo
In Paleo 101
Dec 9th, 2013


Convincing yourself to start a new diet can be a difficult first step. It can be even more difficult to remain on the bandwagon and reap the benefits from this change. The Paleo diet is no different. However, for those who do stick with it, there are still common mistakes that are made that minimize or even eliminate the effects of the Paleo diet. Here are some of the most common errors that are made while on the Paleo diet.

The increase of fruit in the diet is a typical reaction when told to include more raw foods in one’s diet. Fruits, despite being natural, are not always the best choice. They are very high in fructose, which can lead to inflammation and storage of sugar into fat.

Do not expect the Paleo diet to be a miracle cure for those extra pounds. You’re not going to shed all of your unnecessary pounds within a week. Many people go into the Paleo diet expecting to lose weight quickly, but this is not a diet with short-term benefits. The Paleo diet is a lifestyle that has to be adapted to for a long period of time before the benefits can be reaped.

As with fruit, nuts are seen as one of the rawest foods you can add to your diet. However, people tend to go overboard on including nuts in their diet. The calories do add up over time and are more readily stored by the body as fat for energy purposes later.

The saying may go “you can’t have too much of a good thing”, but that’s not necessarily true. Many people starting the Paleo diet believe that they can eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as they want, simply because they’re natural. This has led to increased portion sizes of these foods in order to maximize the benefits being received. However, these foods are still rich in energy-providing substances, and if too much is being ingested for the body to handle, then it is still stored as fat.

Sleep is an essential part of getting the most out of the Paleo diet. A lack of sleep can hinder the body’s normal functions, resulting in the reduction, in quality of one’s health. Inadequate amounts of sleep can hinder digestion processes and recovery from exercise, thereby increasing the stress that a person experiences. In response to stress, the body releases cortisol to help the body deal with the source of this stress, a chemical that is responsible for storing more fat in the body.

When in doubt, listen to your body. Many people who start the Paleo diet believe that they have to stick to their guns and adhere to every rule that is the place before them. However, that can end up doing more harm than good. If a certain part of the diet is not working out for you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to eliminate it altogether. You shouldn’t count it as a failure simply because you’re trying to adapt the diet to meet your needs.

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